BlogTailor your R&R Platform to Reflect your Organizational Culture

Tailor your R&R Platform to Reflect your Organizational Culture

15 February, 2022

Tailor your R&R Platform to Reflect your Organizational Culture

Your organizational culture is the formula, the DNA that dispenses guidelines, boundaries, and expectations for all your stakeholders. It is also the most powerful resource you have at your disposal, to attract, recruit, and retain top talent for your business. A positive company culture today is unfortunately the exception rather than the norm, but progressive organizations realize the pivotal role it plays in clearly differentiating a business from its competitors.

One can make the most of company values and ethics only when they are ingrained to the core of every business facet- especially the ones that cater to workforce development. Your Digital R&R Platform is one such paramount resource that needs to resonate with your organization’s culture. Deloitte research asserts that companies with a strong recognition framework have 31% lower voluntary turnover. Thus, it is a strategic investment, one that translates directly into the Employee Experience.

So how can your HR teams capitalize on the technological advancements in modern R&R platforms to reflect your organization’s core ideologies? Read on to find out!

An Apropos User Interface

Modern R&R technology introduces a range of smart yet sophisticated functionalities to power holistic employee engagement as well as adapt to your Organizational Culture. Platform flexibility is one such crucial factor that can enable seamless UI adaptation to incorporate your company’s color scheme, brand elements, and other relevant features. Having a digitized R&R framework in place is not enough, it needs to be remodeled to represent your core beliefs and merits, visually as well as functionally.

A Relevant Rewards Catalog

To weave recognition and rewards into the fabric of your organizational culture, your redemption catalog needs to reflect the needs and wants of your workforce. Customized rewards are the gateway to imbibing organizational culture into the chief modules of your R&R platform; ergo, design a product catalog to suit your workforce requirements, as well as synchronize with your cultural desirability.

A Powerful Brand Identity

With the advent of a physically dispersed workforce, fostering engagement across all levels of hierarchy and across all teams is a challenge. A digital R&R platform can be leveraged to help this cause, by infusing subtle brand elements and designs into your automated recognition framework. E-cards, personalized messages, gift vouchers, appreciation certificates, spot-on recognitions and awards can all be designed in a company-specific manner to develop a sense of belonging and appreciation within your hybrid workforce. This simple, noninvasive process allows you to effectively demonstrate thanks and praise with a distinct organizational touch.

Exemplary Leadership

“As a leader of people, you must be a great listener and a great motivator” Sir Richard Branson once said. Culture inculcation ought to be business-led, with transparent and visible leadership following a top-down approach, accompanied by rigorous and consistent execution.

An Employee Engagement Software can facilitate reminders, notifications, and periodic nudges to your managers to ensure consistent, regular recognition and appreciation. It can also mutate into an org-wide platform for important announcements, leadership initiatives, and 360-degree employee-employer connection.

Embrace the Next-Gen Culture of Appreciation!

Culture is indispensable to your company’s success, so address it often and exemplify it through the resources at hand. Next-generation tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics are being capitalized to develop and deliver recognition that is more meaningful, timely, and personalized. As we tackle the debacle of workplace disruptions and the Great Resignation, now is the perfect time for organizations to reflect in terms of their R&R and employee engagement strategies, and what can be done to keep these efforts in cohorts with their organizational culture.

Get in touch with our experts to deep-dive into the myriad functionalities offered by our novel R&R platform, Gratifi.

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