BlogTransitioning to a New Employee Engagement Platform: 5 things to keep in mind

Transitioning to a New Employee Engagement Platform: 5 things to keep in mind

8 February, 2022

Transitioning to a New Employee Engagement Platform: 5 things to keep in mind

In an era of global workplace disruptions, organizations have been compelled to deliver tailored, legitimate employee experiences that strengthen resolve, ignite motivation, and upraise performance on the whole. An Employee Engagement Platform is reckoned the gateway to realizing these efforts, and if you already have a dedicated platform in place, you’re way ahead in line! The next step is to examine, analyze, and ascertain its efficacy and competency.

Reflect, Reassess, Redefine

Does your engagement strategy align with your Organizational Culture? Is it well-equipped for future evolutions and capable of adapting to transformational developments? Are you satisfied with the RoI from your efforts? In case your answers to these questions are not sure-fire positive, it is time to re-think and re-imagine your engagement, R&R, and retention approach. The first step to advancement is problem assessment and assertion, ahead of which relevant decisions and a plan-of-action can be undertaken. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, ‘If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.’

This blog enlists 5 key pointers to keep in mind while migrating to a new employee engagement solutions provider. Consider this your brief guide to ensuring a seamless, righteous transition for holistic betterment!

1. Flexibility is Key!

To incur significant ROI from your engagement program, customizing the digital platform to complement your organization’s values is a requisite. Your new solutions provider should possess the acute capability of customization, alteration, and flexibility as per your requirements- the product needs to adapt to your needs, not vice versa!

A Flexible R&R Software with customizable configurations pertaining to personalized rewards, nomination workflows, pulse surveys, and redemption catalog is your best bet to deliver an exceptional Employee Experience amid disruptive times.

2. Reward Comprehensiveness- Extend the Freedom of Choice!

A paradigm shift has been observed in the perception of employee rewards, which stems from both the complex nature of the current work environment as well as the multigenerational workforce employed within it. In lieu of the above, if your R&R platform still follows the conventional practices of standardized rewards, it is time to look for a fresh, personalized approach.

Choose an R&R platform that helps draft a reward value proposition which aligns with your workforce’s individual personas, and also offers an in-house product catalog for redemption with assured last-mile delivery. Read more on how customized rewards are the future of employee R&R.

3. Innovation- The Distinguishing Factor!

Your new employee engagement platform needs to be capable of innovation, be it from the technology or human perspective. Your business may be expanding with a rapid growth rate, but unless your digital R&R tools are well-equipped to keep up with technological innovations and upcoming HR trends, your organization cannot reach its true potential.

Additionally, high adoption of an employee engagement platform can only be realized if there is significant scope for variation and advancement. For instance, an R&R web portal available as a mobile-phone application can go a long way in ensuring convenience and ease-of-use for your employees.

4. Adequate and Timely Support

Although being a tech-based product, a digital R&R platform is fundamentally positioned for human motivation and appreciation. To reap the best results from a digitized R&R framework, it needs to provide exceptional support in terms of platform anomalies, tech-related issues, and delivery grievances.

When migrating to a new Employee Engagement Software, make sure to ask for unrequited assistance and support from your solutions provider!

5. Real-time Case Studies

In today’s digital world, reviews and ratings hold a phenomenal value in making business decisions, whether big or small. Just the way a customer reads reviews and browses through ratings before buying any product, you need to carefully examine and analyze the case studies or success stories that validate your new vendor’s credibility and authenticity.

We hope this list assists your decision of switching to a new solutions provider. Connect with us for a personalized demo of our novel employee engagement platform, Gratifi.

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