A Guide to Modern Employee Recognition Programs

6 May, 2022

A Guide to Modern Employee Recognition Programs

The past few years have accelerated digital transformation across sectors, including the HR industry. A crucial subset of HR is rewards and recognition, which has gained immense traction as volatile uncertainty and high turnover grapple the corporate world. The advent of digitization coupled with the fundamental shift in employee mindsets has prompted organizations to rethink and redesign their R&R frameworks so as to accommodate a tech-oriented, people-centric culture.

Building an apropos digital R&R program need not be cumbersome; by incorporating a few key elements that amplify the effect of appreciation, organizations can craft meaningful recognition strategies that keep employees engaged and subsequently boost employee retention. Partner with a suitable R&R solution provider equipped with technological functionalities that can help breathe new life into your employee engagement approach. Here are a few strategies that can work as a guide to building a modern employee rewards and recognition program.

Craft an Immersive Recognition Experience

The transactional nature of employee recognition is no longer sustainable; making it a worthwhile experience is what creates a long-lasting impact. To foster a culture of genuine appreciation, add a few fun elements that can elevate the effect. A turnkey employee recognition platform can nurture authentic and personal recognition experiences through e-cards, personalized messages, specific recognition categories, reward points, and media content such as videos and audios to revolutionize how appreciation is professed in your organization.

Introduce Value-Based Recognition

It is important to design an employee recognition strategy that drives the objectives of a prosperous business future built on the grounds of corporate values. Value-based recognition ties tangible actions to the foundation of an organization, thereby strengthening organizational culture. Include a series of recognition categories that reinforce desirable values through a customizable digital R&R platform. Read our blog to know more on how R&R can be leveraged to promote value-driven behaviors.

Recognize Consistently and In-Time

The most effective form of recognition is the one that is given instantaneously, as the association between contribution and recognition weakens over time. A digital R&R platform can help celebrate day-to-day achievements of team members as recognition can be given in real-time through a hassle-free process, and accomplishments can immediately be shared across the organization via a social wall. Furthermore, a mobile application for R&R facilitates recognition anywhere, anytime, on-the-go. The platform can also send nudges to managers and senior-level employees as a reminder to recognize good work via mail, SMS, or in-platform communication.

Make Recognition a Social Affair

A digital R&R solution offers the option to give a private or public recognition at the recognizer’s discretion. While a private recognition is effective, being recognized publicly magnifies its impact. Sharing praise with a wider audience induces collaboration and provides examples of commendable actions. Additionally, social recognition can highlight innovations or challenges that may spur valuable discussions within teams. Social integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels further intensifies the visibility of appreciation, allowing employees to share their achievements over their personal handles. Thus, adopting a one-stop solution for recognition creates a sense of community and belonging for employees, be it a virtual, in-office, or hybrid workplace.

Implement 360-Degree Appreciation

A powerful strategy to make recognition the norm is to diversify the recognizer base. Implement a 360-degree recognition system where apart from manager-to-employee appreciation, employees are also empowered to recognize peers and managers.

Convert the traditional top-down recognition framework to a 360-degree one by adopting a robust employee recognition software. This will help in eradicating the bottlenecks imposed by the conventional one-way approach and also improve peer bonding as a supplementary advantage.

Integrate Recognition with your Organizational Culture

Integration is one of the most beneficial feature offered by an R&R solution as it seamlessly embeds recognition into the organization culture. Adopt a flexible employee engagement software that can integrate with your existing technology ecosystem that includes HRMS, Outlook and performance management systems. This allows real-time streaming of recognition on org-wide media channels and the recognition feed can also be displayed on the homepage of your Intranet.

It’s Time to Transform your R&R Program!

Use this guide to design a modern employee rewards and recognition program, and connect with us for expert consultation on your R&R digital transformation journey. Book a demo of our novel R&R platform today!

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