BlogThe Role of Managers in Employee Rewards and Recognition

The Role of Managers in Employee Rewards and Recognition

19 April, 2022

The Role of Managers in Employee Rewards and Recognition

The HR gamut has undergone tremendous change over the past years with a seismic disruption taking place in the employee-employer dynamic. Studies have asserted that the relationship between an employee and his manager can have a direct impact on happiness and engagement levels; ergo, one in two employees have left their jobs to get away from their manager at some point in their career. This finding serves as an apt indicator of the significance of a manager in shaping an employee’s career lifecycle and doubles as a worthy reminder of the importance of capitalizing on a strong manager-driven employee recognition program.

The salient connection employees develop with their organization is primarily dependent on their native relationships and environments, i.e. managers and colleagues that are involved in day-to-day interactions and operations. According to Gallup, 70% of the variance in team engagement across business units is explained by the quality of the manager. Thus, it is sufficing to say that the local workplace atmosphere exhibits the greatest influence on one’s engagement and commitment levels. Read on for a better understanding of the manager’s role in sprucing up the employee R&R space within an organization. We have also jotted down R&R solutions for each factor that can solidify the ground for manager-driven recognition in your organization.

Why Managers Are Key to Employee Recognition and Rewards

1. 58% of employees say that their leaders could engage them better by recognizing them.

R&R Solution: An employee recognition strategy is a great way to demonstrate engagement, especially one that is driven by managerial oversight. Immediate supervisors are the first line of defense as they work in close cohorts with individuals and can respond to progress as well as acknowledge efforts in real-time. A digital R&R platform can facilitate periodic nudges sent to managers in the form of notifications in-app, over mail, or any other communication channel. This intelligent nudge architecture can serve as a gentle reminder to recognize teammates and appreciate good work.

2. Survey statistics reveal that 85% of employees think managers and leaders should spot good work and give praise in the moment, and 81% think this should happen on a continuous, year-round basis.

R&R Solution: Appreciation achieves full-scale momentum when it is offered in real-time, with a personal touch. An employee recognition software is an optimum gateway to ensure instantaneous appreciation as on-the-spot, on-the-go recognitions can be made through a simple, hassle-free process over the R&R portal or via the native mobile application. This can further be personalized through custom e-cards, personalized messages, and social recognition. Convenience of use and time-saving modalities is what makes such digital recognition solutions an in-demand technology.

3. Research suggests that when the organizational purpose is communicated with clarity, a spike in employee engagement is observed along with a positive impact on business performance.

R&R Solution: Employees thrive in finding a sense of purpose that resonates with the greater goal of business growth. Seeing how managers frequently function as liaisons between front-line employees and the senior management, the crucial task of communicating purpose and company values falls in their hands. A modern employee recognition program can be helpful in administering a purposeful culture with detailed insights from the managerial side to plan, strategize, and execute customized value-driven recognitions. Read more on how a digital R&R platform can promote value-driven behaviors among your workforce.

4. IDC has asserted that by next year, 60% of G2000 businesses will deploy AI-enabled platforms to support the entire employee experience from onboarding through retirement.

R&R Solution: The adoption of AI-enabled platforms to enhance the employee experience is witnessing accelerated growth due to a number of reasons. By establishing a dedicated virtual platform, both managers and employees have complete visibility into the framework, ensuring transparency and fairness in the process. Furthermore, data-driven insights can be extracted from the software pertaining to recognition trends, biasness, manager-wise recognitions made, and so on. Digital reward solutions also allow for additional control and R&R budget management, thereby molding managers into exemplary stewards of the program’s vision.

In Conclusion

Simply assigning managers with the task of recognizing employees is not enough. Set them up for success with appropriate tools that provide substantial dividends for your business. Engaging and duly recognizing employees need not be a complex feat; assisting managers by adopting robust R&R technology can have a powerful ripple effect that not only fosters an organizational connect but also empowers employees to give way for a company culture founded on appreciation, motivation, and unparalleled satisfaction.

For a turn-key employee recognition platform, we invite you to take a tour of Gratifi. Get in touch with our team to see our novel R&R software in action!

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