Blog7 Fresh Ideas to Make the Most of Employee Appreciation Day

7 Fresh Ideas to Make the Most of Employee Appreciation Day

21 February, 2023

7 Fresh Ideas to Make the Most of Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is round the corner, and it represents a golden opportunity for organizations to express gratitude and give thanks to their most important asset- its’ people. The art of employee appreciation has been practiced since time immemorial; however, it’s importance has come to limelight in recent years amid economic turbulence and professional disruptions, mainly the ‘Great Resignation’. Research shows that companies with a strong recognition framework have 31% lower voluntary turnover and 72% of businesses agree that employee recognition positively impacts engagement. These statistics make a strong case for why your organization needs to double down on employee appreciation efforts and get on the proverbial bandwagon.

In this blog, we cover 7 unique ideas that can help curate an unforgettable Employee Appreciation Day with a lasting ripple effect of motivation and commitment across the year!

1. Host a Charity Event: Encourage a CSR Culture!

Organizations that proactively engage in charity and donations undoubtedly gauge immense respect from all their stakeholders. Studies show that people are willing to give up financial benefits to work for an organization that practices corporate social and environmental responsibility. Thus, organizing a CSR drive or an environmental initiative where the proceeds go to charity, providing employees with a set amount to donate, or introducing the concept of matching donations can go a long way in ramping up Employee Appreciation Day in your company.

Additionally, if you have a point-based rewards platform in place, points can be donated to charities as per employees’ choice.

2. Talent Shows and Contests: Let Employees Pursue their Passion!

The traditional “All work and no fun” ideology is a thing of the past; employees now demand a fun-filled, versatile work environment that encourages extracurricular activities. A fun way to extend visibility and provide an avenue for employees to showcase their talent apart from their core role is via org-wide or team-wide talent contests for dance, music, sports, photography, poetry etc. Digitizing the whole process with gamified elements such as reward points, leaderboards, and public recognition proffered to winners can go a long way in nurturing and retaining top talent.

3. Team Lunches and Dining Vouchers: Treat their Taste Buds!

Consider catering a meal, ordering delicious foodstuff in-office or at home, and even taking your team out for a lunch/dinner. Another great option is to gift dining vouchers and restaurant discounts via an digital R&R software. To paraphrase Chef James Beard, ‘Food is our common ground- A universal experience’.

4. Offer Company Swag

To commemorate the upcoming Employee Appreciation Day, distribute custom merchandize infused with delightful brand elements as an exodus of your organizational culture. The best way to instill a sense of belonging within your workforce is by delivering a goodie-bag straight to their homes or at their office desks.

5. E-vouchers and Gift Cards: Reward with the Freedom of Choice!

Gift cards and E-vouchers give employees the ability to choose rewards that they find meaningful, rather than yet another one-size-fits-all primordial gift. One of the easiest and hassle-free ways to do the same is by using a digital R&R platform, as it bestows employers with the potential to provide lucrative perks on account of complete flexibility, and simultaneously empowers employees with the freedom of choice!

6. Gift an Experience: Add a Dash of Adventure!

Hectic work schedules and a disrupted work-life balance can take a toll on your employees, so gift them an experience they will remember and cherish! Experiential vouchers can range from trekking expeditions, cooking classes, adventurous sports, dance workshops, and the likes.

Partner with an R&R solutions provider that expends the capability to house an extensive rewards catalog ranging from physical products to experiential vouchers to evade the manual effort of dealing with multiple vendors.

7. Adopt a Digital R&R Platform: Foster a Culture of Appreciation!

There is no better occasion than Employee Appreciation Day to initiate a consistent, fulfilling, and heartfelt journey of appreciation for your workforce throughout the year. Adopt a robust employee engagement software with an illustrious R&R framework to show your employees that they matter, and that you care!

Going Beyond Employee Appreciation Day

Let this Employee Appreciation Day mark the beginning of something phenomenal and long-lasting. By recognizing and rewarding employees year-round, not only for what they do but also for who they are as people, huge dividends can be incurred in the form of employee retention and commitment- that directly translates into an exceptional employee experience!

Connect with us to know how Gratifi can help you make the most of Employee Appreciation Day!

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